Welcome To Circle J Longhorns


Circle J Longhorns, LLC is a family-owned business that began as an interest in the Texas Longhorn breed, so we could have cattle in our pastures, basically “yard art”. After making our initial purchase of registered Texas Longhorns, we began to study the heritage and history of the cattle. It didn’t take us years and years to realize that the Texas Longhorn is indeed a very special and unique breed of cattle. In the beginning, we were intimidated by the big horns. However, we quickly realized that the Texas Longhorn was not like other breed and we didn’t need to be afraid of their big horns…respect them, but don’t be afraid. The disposition of the Texas Longhorn was so different from other cattle that we had been exposed to and it quickly led us to fall in love with the breed. Christopher Columbus brought what is known as the Texas Longhorn to America and they survived for many years on the open ranges of Mexico and Texas. Because of this, the Texas Longhorn is the hardiest breed of cattle in America today. Managing, feeding and calving doesn’t get any easier, than it does with the Texas Longhorn.

As an active member of TLBAA, our goal today is to continue to foster a breeding program that meets all requirements and standards for the Texas Longhorn breed.